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Full Shine Virgin Flat Silk Hair Weft

The Virgin Flat Silk Wefts are a thinner form of regular, wefted extensions. It has no return hair on them (the short little hairs that’s normally on top of wefts), so it allows for a natural, very flat and comfortable application.
It combines the advantages of machine weft and hand tied weft. It is neither as bulky as the machine weft, nor as easily shedding as the hand tied weft.

Hair weft can protect your locks against heat damageIt also strengthens your underneath hairUsing hair weave is perfect for your growing hair Sewn-in weave can add the desired length to your hair.It’s very affordable and offers various hairstyles.

There are different methods to attach hair weave.

Aside from using Adhesives or Clips, hair wefts can be Beaded, Weaved, or Sewn to the natural hair.These bundles are intended for professional application.

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