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Full Shine Hand Tied Weft

Hand Tied Weft- Not to be mistaken for Machine-tied Wefts, which are made mechanically. Each Weft is Hand Crafted with Double Drawn, 100% natural hair, cuticle intact and GUARANTEED cuticle correct alignment.
However, Machine weft extensions are a collection of hair sewn together by a machine. The wefts themselves are thicker and weigh a bit more. Machine wefts can be cut because of how they are made-- making them more durable and sturdier.

There are two specifications for the Hand Tied Weft:

14''-18'': 10g/bundle

20''-24'': 15g/bundle

The benefit of using hand-tied hair extensions is because every weft is individually handstitched. They are created with high precision so each weft is very strong and prevents shedding. The wefts are larger and cover more area, so less has to be sewn in, easing your natural hair from heavy extensions that pull on your scalp.
Hand-tied extensions can be treated and maintained like your natural hair. They can be washed, straightened, or curled to blend with your hair. The best part about the installation of hand-tied extensions is the fact that they don’t require heat or any bonding glue. It can be easily installed without damaging your hair.

There are some things worth noting about hand tied weft hair extensions. Do not cut the width of the weft, if the weft is wider than you need, just fold it.

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