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Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Full Shine's premium hand-tied hair extensions is designed to give you the luscious, natural-looking locks you've always dreamed of. Our hand tied weft extensions are crafted with precision and care to ensure the highest quality. With Full Shine's hand tied wefts, you can achieve seamless blending, added volume, and length that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Experience the difference of hand-tied wefts and elevate your hair game with Fullshine.

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Full Shine® Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Full Shine® hand-tied hair extensions are distinct from machine-tied wefts. Our hand-tied weft extensions are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, using double-drawn, 100% natural hair with the cuticle intact. We take pride in ensuring the cuticle correct alignment, guaranteeing the highest quality. In contrast, machine weft extensions are created by mechanically sewing together a collection of hair. These machine wefts are thicker and slightly heavier, providing added durability. We offer two specifications for our hand-tied wefts: 10g per bundle for lengths ranging from 14'' to 18'', and 15g per bundle for lengths between 20'' and 24''.

Precision and Strength: Full Shine® Handstitched Hand Tied Weft

Full Shine's hand-tied hair extensions are meticulously handstitched to ensure precision and strength, effectively preventing shedding. These extensions feature larger hand-tied wefts that provide ample coverage, minimizing the need for excessive sewing and alleviating the weight and tension on your natural hair caused by heavy extensions. Similar to your own hair, these hand-tied extensions can be washed, straightened, and curled to seamlessly blend. The installation process of hand-tied extensions is heat and glue-free, significantly reducing the risk of hair damage. It's important to note that when working with hand-tied weft extensions, it is advised not to cut the width of the weft; instead, fold it if necessary.

Comfort and Care: The Benefits of Full Shine® Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Hand-tied weft extensions are known for their exceptional comfort and minimal damage to natural hair. The hand-tied technique involves individually hand-stitching the wefts, ensuring a lightweight and seamless blend with your own hair. Unlike other extension methods that can cause strain and tension on the scalp, hand-tied wefts alleviate the weight and minimize the risk of damage. The meticulous craftsmanship of these extensions allows for a comfortable and natural feel, making them a popular choice among those seeking a comfortable and non-damaging hair extension solution.

★ 100% Virgin Hair

★ Thin and Invisible

★ Can Last 6-12 Months

★ Can not be Cut

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