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Full Shine - The Start of Real Human Hair Extensions

Full Shine, a top hair extensions wholesaler & retailer, provides affordable, salon-quality human hair extensions. We use an eco-friendly dyeing method for color stability and odor-free extensions. We believe every woman deserves beautiful hair and confidence, regardless of age or location.

Hair Topper - Hair Loss Savior

Full Shine Hair Toppers boast a 150% density and offer 3 base options, catering to diverse customer needs. For custom inquiries, please reach out to service@fullshine.net.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Full Shine Virgin Hair, with its unprocessed, natural texture, offers longevity and durability for multiple uses, making it an ideal choice for special occasions like weddings.


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Salon Quality - 100% Human Hair

Full shine starts from sourcing raw materials from temples to ensure that they are 100% human hair. This is the foundation of our hair extensions. Also, with over 10 years of production experience, we know how to better protect the hair quality.


The popular trend in hair extensions: injection tape in hair extensions

Relative to conventional tape-in hair extensions, Full Shine injection tape-ins offer heightened invisibility, enhanced comfort, and an exceptionally natural appearance, rendering them the optimal choice in the eyes of discerning clientele.


Value for Money Hair Extensions

Full Shine operates as a direct-to-customer sourcing factory, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring a discernible difference in pricing. This approach allows us to confidently promise superior quality hair extensions at a more accessible, competitive price point.


Before and After

Full Shine hair extensions offer a transformative experience in minutes, unveiling a revitalized version of yourself.


Color Match

Regarding color matching concerns, please forward a photo or video of your natural hair to our designated email address service@fullshine.net.