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Flat Weft Hair Extensions

Full Shine's flat weft hair extensions are designed to redefine your hair game. Our flat silk weft hair extensions are the epitome of luxury and quality, crafted with precision to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair. The innovative flat track weft hair extensions offer unparalleled comfort and durability, promising a natural look that lasts.

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Full Shine® Flat Hair Extensions

The Virgin Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions offer a unique and natural solution for comfortable hair enhancement. Unlike traditional extensions, these thinner wefts lack return hair, providing a more natural, flat, and comfortable application. This innovative product combines the advantages of machine weft and hand-tied weft, balancing bulkiness and shedding concerns. Made from high-quality human hair sewn onto a silk weft, these extensions lie flat against the scalp for a seamless, natural look. The silk material prevents tangling and shedding, ensuring low maintenance and quick styling. Ideal for supporting hair growth, these extensions add desired length and volume through a sewn-in weave, protecting locks against heat damage and strengthening the underlying hair. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle seeking a hassle-free, yet beautiful hair solution.

Enhancing Your Hair with Full Shine® Flat Weft Hair Extensions

Flat weft hair extensions are designed to lay flat against the scalp, which ensures a seamless and comfortable fit, eliminating the bulkiness of traditional extensions. The flat construction provides a tension-free experience, ideal for extended wear. Customize your look with cut and layered wefts for a personalized, natural appearance. These extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair, offering a beautiful and effortless style. Enjoy the versatility to cut, color, and style them like your natural hair. Our extensions are adhesive and chemical-free, securely sewn onto your natural hair, minimizing the risk of damage or allergic reactions. Maintenance is a breeze; regular washing, conditioning, and gentle styling keep them looking fresh throughout their entire lifespan.

Transform Your Look: A Simple Guide to Installing Full Shine® Flat Weft Hair Extensions

Installing flat weft hair extensions is a straightforward process that can dramatically transform your look with added volume and length. The process begins by sectioning your natural hair to create a clear path for installation. Starting from the bottom, small sections of your hair are carefully selected to attach the weft. Using a tail comb helps in creating precise sections. The flat silk weft is then placed against the scalp, and a special tool is used to secure the weft to the natural hair with either microbeads or a sewing technique, depending on the type of flat weft extension. It's crucial to ensure that the weft is flat against the head to avoid any discomfort and to achieve a seamless blend with your natural hair. The process is repeated, working upwards, until the desired volume or length is achieved. The final step involves blending and styling the extensions with your natural hair to ensure a natural and cohesive look.

★ 100% Virgin Hair

★ No Return Hair

★ Can Last 6-12 Months

★ Can be Cut

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