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13*13 cm Topper


3*5 inch Topper


3*5 inch Virgin Topper


6*7 inch Virgin Topper

What is topper?
Topper is designed to conceal hair loss at various stages and different areas of the scalp. Some offer more coverage on the top, while others aim to cover the sides or back of the head. Some are even specifically designed for the sole purpose of adding volume to thin or fine hair.
What is the type of topper base?
The type of topper base is mono base, where individual hair is hand-tied, giving the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. With a Mono Base, individual hairs are tied to a fine mesh material that allows both light and air to pass through. It allows you to change the part as you like for great styling versatility, which can give you a natural look. Mono bases are also extremely durable and have a long lifespan.
What is the size of topper base?
We have three sizes of topper: 13*13cm, 3*5inch and 6*7inch.
How to select the size of topper base?
The 13*13cm and 6*7 inch topper are ideal for more coverage and volume, which provide full coverage, more volume for mid-stage hair loss. The 3*5 inch is ideal for a more focused area, can be used on your crown for instant thickness, which provides partial coverage for beginning or mid-stage hair loss.

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