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How to Choose the Suitable Hair Extensions?

How to Choose the Suitable Hair Extensions?

Recently, there are more and more different styles of hair extensions and the key to having beautiful and glamorous hair extensions is to find the suitable hair extensions for you. Therefore, how to choose the suitable hair extensions has become one of the topics that people are most concerned about. We are here to give you several tips to help you to choose the suitable hair extensions for you!

Remy hair or Virgin hair

Hair extensions includ synthetic, non-Remy, Remy and Virgin hair. Among them, the best hair extensions are made with Remy Human Hair and Virgin hair, no matter which method you prefer.

In comparison, the remy hair lasts longer than the synthetic one. They actually look like your real hair and are treated the same way. You can dry them, use hair straighteners on them as well as go swimming. Opposing to that, synthetic hair extensions cannot handle something like this.

However, Virgin hair is completely natural human hair which has never been treated or had any chemical process carried out at the time of collection such as perm, dye, and colour. Virgin hair lasts longer and is much less likely to tangle and healthier than Remy hair. This is the highest hair quality that you can find on the market and will determine how long your extensions will last and will also look the most natural. If you have enough budget, it is more recommended that you choose Virgin hair.

Based on the type of hair extensions

Tape in Hair

Tape in extensions use a wide, transparent adhesive to attach the tape insertion extension to the root, which looks similar to tape. It’s best for those recovering from severe color breakage or with thin hair. It can be divided into Remy tape in hair , Virgin tape in hair , and Seamless Injection tape in Hair.


Hair topper is a wiglet or crown made of mono base. A natural-looking hair piece that you can clip or secure on your head to blend in with your own hair. They are used to cover the top of your hair to conceal hair loss and gray hair. They includ 12cm*6cm Base Size and 13cm*13cm Base Size.

Human Hair Weft

Hair weft can be applied by clips or glue or micro ring. The most frequently used method is sew in weft. This style of extensions is best for those with thicker hair. It can be divided into Remy hair weftHalo hair, Virgin hair weft, Hand Tied weft, Genius weft and Flat Silk weft.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions come in a strand of pieces attached at a base with silicone or fabric. Each clip snaps open and closed easily and is hidden. You can install it and manage by yourself. However, it is best to wear the clip for no more than 24 hours. It can be divided into Classic Clip in hair and PU Seamless Clip in hair.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre Bonded hair extensions, also known as keratin extensions, is a type of hair extensions applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tip that is found at the end of the extension, to attach it to your natural hair. They are the most natural extensions and therefore worthwhile for most people. These extensions should be applied by the stylist. It can be divided into I Tip hair, U Tip hair and Micro Ring hair.


Ponytail Hair Extensions is made of Real Human Hair, smooth straight and no tangle, it can be treated and styled like your own hair. It works with different hair lengths and can clip into thin or thick hair, blend naturally with your own locks and virtually undetectable.

Based on color of hair extensions

One of the more obvious tips for choosing the suitable hair extensions is if finding your perfect color match. A perfect color match means that your hair extensions will blend in seamlessly with your hair and look very natural.

We offer hair extensions in solid colors, balayage colors, Ombre colors and highlight colors. If you need to do an online color match, remember to use photos taken in daylight and contact us.

Based on your lifestyle

It’s important to take into consideration which hair extension method matches your lifestyle.  Hair extensions do require a bit of extra maintenance.
If your schedule is not too busy and you can wake up five minutes earlier to have fabulous hair is worth it to you. However, If your schedule is too busy to maintain hair extensions on a daily basis, then clip-in extensions may be the right fit for you. It can be wear in 3 minutes, and you can easily take it off in the evening after a tiring day.

Based on your hair texture

In any case, if you apply extensions that don’t follow the texture of your real hair, you risk looking messy despite all the effort. That’s why touch your hair and examine it closely before buying. If it’s curly, then don’t take a straight extension unless you want to experiment. In that case, you can wear the curly real hair extensions and then use hair straighteners to turn them straight.
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