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Weft Hair Extensions

Full Shine weft hair extensions, crafted from 100% human hair and backed by professional certifications, are a top-selling item in our extensive range. Our offerings include two primary types: Remy wefts and Virgin wefts. The latter comprises four varieties - Machine Weft, Hand Tied Weft, Flat Silk Weft, and the premium Genius Weft. This latter innovation is an epitome of excellence, boasting a thinner, lighter design that's virtually invisible upon wear, free from any discomfort, and can be easily customized with self-trimming. Its unique blend of benefits renders it the customer favorite.

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Full Shine® 100% Human Hair Weft Extensions

Full Shine® weft hair extensions are meticulously crafted from 100% genuine human hair, with our company owning and rigorously managing an in-house production facility to ensure the utmost quality control and protection of every Full Shine® customer's rights. Each variety of our human hair comes accompanied by a detailed quality inspection report, and Full Shine® openly welcome any authenticity tests or inspections. With Full Shine®, you can confidently select your cherished hair extensions without reservation.


Full Shine® Recommended Sew in Weft Hair Styles

Full Shine® Weft Hair Extensions are designed for effortless and quick installation, empowering you to effortlessly switch between any desired styles. With the recommended care regimen followed diligently, their lifespan comfortably extends beyond six months. A majority of customers favor Full Shine® Sew-in Weft Hair Extensions, which are meticulously crafted from 100% premium Remy hair. These extensions offer a more budget-friendly option compared to Virgin Hair wefts, making them an ideal choice for most. However, should your budget permit, we highly recommend selecting Full Shine® Virgin Hair wefts due to their unparalleled top-tier quality. Full Shine® are steadfastly committed to providing you with the most professional and amiable service, anticipating that your delightful experience will inspire you to bestow upon us your captivating testimonials and visual endorsements.


How-to Guide: Apply Weft Hair Extensions and Make it Invisible

In regard to the installation of weft hair extensions, Full Shine® advises on the three most prevalent techniques. Hereunder is a meticulous step-by-step presentation:1.Sew in Part your hair and make a section.Use hair to create a tightly braided braid.Measure and cut the hair weft.Attach the ends of the weft using a needle and thread to prevent the hair from dropping.2.Micro link in Create a horizontal part, measure and cut the weft.Place a micro ring on the needle and open the hook,Grasp a section of your natural hair and a section of the weft with the hook.Squeeze the micro ring firmly with the pliers,pressing hard until it is nearly flat.3.Clip in Create a horizontal part Measure and cut the weft.Sew clips on the cut weft.Clip the hair weft into your own hair like the normall clip in extensions.

Weft Hair FAQs

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