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Everything You Need to Know About Halo Hair Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Halo Hair Extensions

  • What are Halo hair extensions?

Halo hair extensions are a simple, one-step method to achieve longer, fuller hair. They’re perfect for first-time users and simple enough to apply for everyday wear in just a few minutes. Instead of clipping or sewing in wefts, Halo hair extensions sit gently on top of your head, secured with a thin, invisible wire.

Halo hair extensions are suitable for those with a thin to medium hair type, and hair length longer than shoulder length.

  • Who can wear Halo hair extensions?

Halo hair extensions are best suited for those with hair longer than shoulder length and a thin to medium thickness hair type.

  • What are Halo hair extensions made of?

Halo hair extensions are made with the same, high quality 100% Remy human hair. The Halo weft has a stretchy nylon wire attached.

  • Is the Halo hair extensions wire damaging?

No. Just like clip-in hair extensions, Halo extensions are a non-damaging way to add instant length and volume to your natural hair.
Is Halo one size fits all or are there different sizes?

  • How does the Halo stay on without falling off?

There are two clips on the Halo, which you can clip into your hair for added security if needed. After you apply the Halo, the weight of your hair laying on top will also help keep it in place. You can whip your hair back and forth without any worries of the extensions falling out!

  • Care Instructions

1. How long do Halo hair extensions last?

Just like your clip-in hair extensions, Halo extensions will last anywhere from 3-6 months, up to a year or longer, depending on how they are used and cared for. Be sure to brush the extensions to avoid snagging the wire, to wash the extensions are little as possible, and to use hair products appropriate for hair extensions to ensure they last as long as possible.

2. What hair products can I use on Halo extensions?

Just like other hair extensions, be sure to use only alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair products on your Halo set or hair products specially formulated for hair extensions to avoid the hair drying out.

3. Can I get the Halo wire wet?

Yes, although we advise to wet your Halo extensions as little as possible to preserve the hair.

4. Will the Halo wire melt?

Because the Halo weft has a nylon wire, be sure to style the extensions separately at a maximum temperature of 160C before wearing them. Avoid applying heat to the nylon wire, as it may melt.

5. Can I dye my Halo extensions?

Yes, Halo can be dyed darker or toned by a professional hair colorist as they are made with 100% Remy human hair. Halo cannot be bleached or lightened, however, as this process is damaging to the hair. Be sure to avoid dyeing the nylon wire as it needs to remain clear and transparent.

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