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Genius Weft Hair Extensions

Full Shine's Genius Weft Hair Extensions are made of 100% human virgin hair. They are incredibly thin, flat and light, can last up to 12 months and reused 3-4 times with proper care. Our Genius Hair Wefts are most suitable for thick, coarse hair and can be cut anywhere without shedding. They perfectly circumvent hand-tied weft weakness, which means our genius weft extensions can be applied to any people.

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Full Shine Genius Weft Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Jet Black (#1)-Virgin Genius Hair Weft-Full Shine
Upgrade your hair game with Virgin Hair Genius Weft Extensions, known for their versatility and resilience. These extensions can be easily applied and removed, making them a convenient choice for anyone looking to switch up their look. The virgin hair used in these wefts is of the highest quality, ensuring that you get a product that looks and feels amazing.
Virgin Hair Genius Weft Extensions are perfect for those seeking premium hair solutions. With minimal shedding and tangling, these extensions offer a hassle-free experience. The wefts are meticulously crafted to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, natural-looking hair that lasts.
Full Shine Genius Weft Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Balayage (#3/8/22)-Virgin Genius Hair Weft-Full Shine
Full Shine Genius Weft Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Balayage #3/8/22 - Virgin Genius Hair Weft - Full Shine Sew-in Weft Hair Extensions - Full Shine Volume Weft Hair Extensions - Full Shine Hair Extensions - Balayage Hair Extensions - Human Hair Extensions
Full Shine Genius Weft Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Balayage (#BM)-Virgin Genius Hair Weft-Full Shine
Full Shine Genius Weft Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Balayage (#BM)-Virgin Genius Hair Weft-Full Shine

Full Shine® Genius Weft Extensions

Full Shine's genius weft hair extensions outshine standard wefts through its innovative design: double drawn hairs create uniform density from roots to ends, dispensing with excess bulk while delivering consistent thickness. This translates into natural, flowing volume and length that seamlessly merges with your own locks. Boasting premium-grade human hair, our Genius Weft guarantees longevity with minimal shedding and effortless manageability. Each strand is carefully selected for resilience and texture, ensuring unparalleled realism and movement. The unique construction of the Genius Hair Weft ensures secure wear without tangles or strain, making it the go-to choice for those seeking the most authentic, low-maintenance, and superior extension solution on the market. Elevate your look today with the Full Shine's Genius Weft Extensions– where craftsmanship meets perfection in every strand.
Full Shine Genius Weft Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Jet Black (#1)-Virgin Genius Hair Weft-Full Shine

Revolutionizing Hair Extension Comfort: Full Shine® Genius Weft Advantage

The Genius Weft is the crowning achievement of Full Shine's weft hair extension collection, embodying a harmonious blend of the most esteemed qualities found in both hand tied and flat weft hair extension systems. This exceptional product boasts an unprecedented level of comfort and invisibility due to its meticulous construction which fuses the intricate craftsmanship of hand tied wefts with the sleekness and subtlety of flat wefts. Its unique design allows for an exceptionally low profile, lying flat against the scalp for undetectable wear, while also maintaining incredible flexibility that moves naturally with the wearer's own hair. In addition, this superior product offers unparalleled customization options, as each Genius Weft can be easily and safely cut to fit any desired application without compromising the integrity of the weft itself. With its use of premium quality, ethically sourced virgin hair, our Genius Hair Weft guarantees longevity, versatility in styling, and a truly seamless look and feel.Furthermore, the Genius Weft surpasses traditional methods by reducing stress on natural hair and providing a secure, gentle hold that promotes healthy hair growth. Its fusion of time-honored techniques with cutting-edge innovation sets the Genius Weft apart, making it not just the best within our weft series but also a benchmark for excellence in the global hair extension market.

Caring Guidance: Prolonging the Life of Full Shine® Genius Weft Extensions

To extend the lifespan and quality of Genius Weft extensions, implement a comprehensive care routine. This includes using dry shampoo to reduce dryness, sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases to minimize friction, and using low heat for styling with heat protectant sprays to prevent damage. Gently detangle with a loop brush, regularly deep condition with sulfate and paraben-free products, and protect the extensions from salt and chlorine by applying a leave-in conditioner before swimming. After washing, gently dry and air dry the extensions, and keep them braided or loosely tied at night to avoid tangles. Regular check-ups with a professional stylist and avoiding alcohol-based products are crucial for maintaining the extensions. Adopting these practices will help maintain the extensions’ beauty and longevity.

★ 100% Virgin Human Hair

★ No Return Hair

★ Can Last 6-12 Months

★ Can be Cut

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