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How To Apply Sew In Hair Extensions

How To Apply Sew In Hair Extensions | Full Shine Hair

Hair Weft Can Be Used As a Clip In Weft, A Glue in Weft, A Micro Ring Weft, As Well As A Sew in Weft

There Are 4 Methods To Install Hair Weft

Note: Virgin Hand-tied Weft Bundles Can't Be Cropped

  • Sew in Your Hair Weft

  1. Part Your Hair And Make a Section. Use The Hair in This Section to Create a Tightly Braided Braid.
  2. Measure and Cut the Sew in Real Human Hair Extensions So That The Piece Fits the Length of the Entire Part You Created. Attach the Ends of The Weft Using a Needle and Thread to Prevent the Hair From Dropping From The Weft. Thoroughly Secure the Ends of The Weft.
  • Attach Your Weft With Glue

  1. Part Your Hair and Make a Section. Measure and Cut the Weft to the Length of the Hair Section.
  2. Apply Glue on the Upper Edge of the Weft and Along the Section of Your Natural Hair Closest to the Scalp. Then Press The Extensions Against the Glue in Your Natural Hair.
  • Attach Your Weft With Micro Rings

  1. Create a Horizontal Part. Measure and Cut the Weft to the Length of the Parted Section.
  2. Place a Micro Ring on the Needle and Open the Hook. Grasp a Section of Your Natural Hair and a Section of the Flat Weft Hair Extensions With the Hook.  Then Squeeze the Micro Ring Firmly With the Pliers, Pressing Hard Until it is Nearly Flat.  
  • Attach Your Weft With Clips

  1. Create a Horizontal Part. Measure and Cut the Weft to the Length of the Parted Section.
  2. Sew Clips Onto The Cut Weft. Clip The Hair Weft Into Your Own Hair Like The Previous Clip In Extensions.

There is another more detailed blog with video guidance, hope it will help you~

Link>> How To Apply Weft Hair

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