Do Tape in Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair

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You've tried all the other extensions and they just hurt your head - are tape-in hair extensions the same? Do tape-in hair extensions hurt your head?

We're so happy to tell you: No! Tape-in hair extensions are so very comfortable as long as they are properly installed and cared for at home.

Tape-in hair extensions are currently the beauty industries eading form of no damage extension because of the way they are installed.

When tape-in hair extensions are installed correctly, they mimic you natural gowth pattern and are not over directed in an manner.  Because tape-in hair extensions are installed with your natural growth pattern they do not feel heavy, and are super comfortable while sleeping.

The best part of the install is that the tab of the tape-in hair extension lasy flat up against your head so you do not have uncomfortable beads all over you head while brushing  or sleeping.

Unlike micro-beads, iTips U-tips, keratin bond, sew-in and hand tied wefts, tape-in hair extensions do not have the same discomfort.

Full Shine® Hair is on a mission to help make hair extensions as affordable as a cut and color service.  We manufuacture tape-in hair extensions simply based on our belief of damage-free total comfort.


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