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Several Misconceptions about Hair Extensions

Many misconceptions about hair extensions are not uncommon to hear or read. Sometimes it is not easy to identify the truth and the falsehood. Therefore, we decided to honestly answer some different questions for future hair extension buyers!


Will hair extensions damage my hair? 

It is often said that hair extensions can weaken, break, or even cause hair loss! Well-applied hair extensions will not damage your hair in any way. For keratin, micro-link, and tape-in hair extensions, it is important to have them applied by a professional hairstylist who has received hair extension application training. Incorrect installation can cause damage.

In addition, checking the quality of hair extensions is also very important. Full Shine provides natural hair extensions made from high-quality Remy hair, sourced from China. The Remy hair label ensures that the hair is carefully collected and placed in the same direction (from roots to tips) to keep the hair beautiful for a long time. The hair is natural and has never undergone any chemical treatment (dyeing, perming, bleaching, etc.). Lastly, it is 100% real human hair.

As long as you receive proper care, hair extensions will not damage your hair.

Do hair extensions require a lot of maintenance? 

Hair extensions do not require more maintenance than natural hair. You just need to adapt your care routine to ensure that your hair extensions remain in the best condition. If you feel any tangling at the bottom of the attachment, please contact your hairstylist for maintenance appointments in a timely manner to ensure that the hair extensions can remain in the best condition for a long time.

Can my hair grow normally after getting hair extensions?

Many people may think that natural hair cannot grow normally after wearing hair extensions. This is incorrect. Hair extensions will not in any way prevent natural hair growth.

Are hair extensions natural? 

When hair extensions are applied correctly, the hairstylist must ensure that the attachment points are not noticeable. Hair extensions must be placed below the "safe" area, which is below the hairline, to ensure sufficient hair coverage for the attachment points. Properly positioned hair extensions will blend perfectly with your hair, creating a very natural look.

Does hair extension blend well with my natural hair?

Well-positioned hair extensions will seamlessly integrate with your natural hair, creating an incredibly natural appearance. Full Shine offers dozens of beautiful shades of hair extensions for you to choose from, ensuring you can find the perfect match for you.

Can I apply heat to the hair extensions?

Absolutely! You can apply heat to natural hair extensions just as you would to your own hair. Just be cautious in using heating tools and maintain an appropriate temperature.

If you're still hesitant about trying "permanent" hair extensions, there are alternative options! Clip-in extensions or faux ponytails are "removable" choices. In just 5 minutes, you can add length and volume to your hair, easily taking them off before showering or going to bed at night.

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