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Tips to Wash Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Tips to Wash Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

After much research and deliberation, you bought clip-in hair extensions, and now you want to know how to maintain and keep them clean so that they appear smooth and shiny. While it is common knowledge that clip in hair extensions are made of premium quality Remy hair and have excellent clips, ensuring they last for months means that you have to take proper care of them.

1. Brush

Prior to getting the extensions wet, you have to brush them carefully and reduce the chances of tangling during and after washing the tresses. Start from the bottom and brush to the top to remove tough knots without pulling out the tresses. Make use of a soft-bristle brush for brushing the extensions. While preparing for the wash, place the wefts neatly on each other’s top in a bundle precisely in the manner you had first received them. As a result, your hair does not get tangled with the seamless clip in human hair extensions while you wash them.


2. Prepare the sink with shampoo

Plug your sink’s drain and start filling it up with lukewarm water. Now, squirt a handful of sulfate-free, alcohol-free, colored hair- and extension-friendly shampoo into it and mix it properly.


3. Shampoo every weft

Wash each weft separately to ensure that they do not get snarled and get a thorough wash. For busy people, bundling the extensions with an elastic to wash them at a time is a good option.

While holding the top of the weft, submerge it into the water and wash it gently with the shampoo. The extensions are not natural hair, so avoid rubbing them vigorously. After cleaning one weft, repeat the same process with the remaining wefts.


4. Conditioning is mandatory

After shampooing the wefts, take the conditioner to apply on each weft from top to bottom and massage the product minutely into the tresses. After about five to ten minutes or longer, rinse out every weft carefully.


5. Apply hair mask or opt for deep conditioning

Guarantee softness and moisture with a hair mask. Take a generous amount of the mask to apply it on every weft from top to bottom. The longer the mask stays on the wefts, the more effective it will be. To that end, bring all your extensions in a bundle and coil them completely before putting them inside a shower cap and leaving overnight.


6. Rinse them out

Rinse out each weft carefully to remove every spec of conditioner from the tresses. You may feel that the slippery touch of the locks is actually the work of the conditioner, and stop washing it halfway. Never do this, as you will leave the conditioner on the locks, weighing them down and making them greasy after they dry up.


7. Air-dry the locks

Squeezing and air-drying the remy human hair clip in extensions is a better way to dry them up than rubbing them with towels. After the tresses dry up, apply a little bit of hair oil to every weft to ensure manageable, frizz-free, and silky smooth hair.

If you blow-dry the locks, spray a heat protectant before drying to enhance the extensions’ lifespan. The setting should be cool to prevent any heat damage and brush your tresses only after it dries 90%. During this procedure, blow-dry downwards to smoothen the cuticle and stop the tresses from entangling as they are blowing in several directions.

Clip-in hair extensions help you style up the way you want to. Pay the attention they need to last longer and retain their shine as well as moisture.

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