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How Long Do Tape in Hair Extension Last?

How Long Do Tape in Hair Extension Last?

Hair extensions make it easy to change up your look for just a day or for months at a time. In recent years, tape in hair extensions have increased in popularity. They are easy to install and don’t look bulky under your natural strands, making them the perfect choice for those with thinner hair. With careful maintenance, tape in extensions can last quite a while, saving you time and money in between salon appointments

Here’s what you need to know about maintaining and using tape in hair extensions to get the long, luxurious hair you’ve always wanted!

What is Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions typically consist of one inch wide sections of hair sewn to strips of tape. They are taped into your hair about an inch away from the scalp, and a backing of the same tape is applied to sandwich your natural hair in between the layers and bond it to the extensions. Tape in hair extensions such as the injection tape in hair extensions do not require any special tools, chemicals, doing less damage to the hair than other types of extensions. They can be applied in less than an hour, so you can drastically cut down the time it takes to get your perfect hair. Once applied, tape in hair extensions blend naturally with your existing hair for a seamless look.

How Long Do Tape in Hair Extensions Last?

Generally, tape in hair extensions can remain in your hair for between six and eight weeks, at which point you will need to go back to the salon to have them re-taped to the appropriate length. You can use the same set of hair extensions before they need to be replaced. Using your extensions for too long could cause them to break and frizz, making them look more unnatural next to your hair.
Fullshine Tape in Hair Extensions have Remy Hair and Virgin Hair:
Remy hair usually lasts 3-6 months
Virgin hair usually lasts 6-12 months

More information about WHY WE CHOOSE VIRGIN HAIR?

The length of time your hair extensions will last depends on your lifestyle and maintenance techniques. While careful attention can help lengthen the life of your extensions, failing to properly wash and handle them can mean needing a new set sooner. Be sure to always wash your hair properly by dampening small sections of hair instead of wetting your whole head at once, which can cause tangles, and work through any tangles that do appear slowly to avoid pulling your extensions out. While most extensions can withstand heat styling, use low heat and avoid tugging on your hair to keep the tape bond strong. Keep your extensions properly moisturized with conditioner, and keep regular appointments with your stylist to ensure your extensions will last as long as possible.

More information about HOW TO CARE YOUR TAPE HAIR?

Reinstall & Reuse Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions can be removed and reinstalled several times before the set should be replaced. Clients typically reinstall their extensions if they want to maintain their hair at a certain length or if they feel that the extensions are coming loose, which can happen after extended use or daily wear and tear. Tape in hair extensions generally maintain a stronger bond if they are placed close to the scalp, which helps provide them with extra support. Never try to take your hair extensions out yourself. Doing so could damage your extensions and cause you to rip out pieces of your natural hair.

When it’s time to remove and reinstall tape in hair extensions, your stylist will wet the adhesive with a few drops of a liquid remover. The extensions can then be gently removed from the hair, which should be washed, conditioned, and dried to remove any leftover adhesive removing liquid. To reinstall the extensions, your stylist will simply place new tape on either side of your natural hair and attach the extensions.

Benefits of Tape in Hair Extensions

In addition to their ease of installation and longevity, tape in hair extensions are among the most affordable types of hair extensions. They allow you to wear your hair up or down without showing the tape and can even be worn while exercising or swimming thanks to the strength of the bond. If you ever decide you are ready for shorter hair again, tape in hair extensions can be easily removed without causing lasting damage to your natural hair. They are suitable for all hair types thanks to their lack of extra bulk when installed, making them a versatile option.

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