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6 Tips and Tricks to Revive Extremely Damaged Hair

6 Tips and Tricks to Revive Extremely Damaged Hair

Mostly, hair breaks because it is not maintained properly or you are using harsh products on it. Genetics can also contribute to hair breakage since they determine whether you have strong or weak hair. Despite the reason for breakage, you can revive your hair and make it healthy again with a few home remedies. This is what you can do.


1. Avoid Too Much Heating

Heat styling exposes your hair to a lot of heat that makes your hair grow weaker and break easily. Try reducing the frequency of heat styling as much as you can. If you are used to doing it thrice a week, switch to twice or even once. Also, whenever you are heat styling, use a heat protectant. It will save your hair strands. Make sure you follow the usage instructions when using the protectant to avoid damaging your already damaged hair.


2. Wash It Correctly

Washing your hair is one way of preventing breakage and other problems. It gets rid of product buildup and dermatitis, which may weaken your hair over time. There is no standard answer to how frequently you should wash your hair. This is because hairs are made differently. What determines the frequency is your hair type. If your head is super oily, there is no problem with washing it daily. If it is dry, you can skip a day or two as washing it daily can make it susceptible to breaking.


3. Maintain Your Extensions Properly

For several women, adding micro link extensions, fusion extensions, tape-in hair extensions Denver, and other types of extensions is a great way of adding volume, length, and color. However, if you don’t maintain them properly, your hair may break. Fortunately, maintaining extensions is pretty easy. Don’t skip wash day simply because you have an extension. Doing so will subject your natural hair to breakage due to product buildup and dirt. Remember to brush the extension gently, too, to avoid breaking the strands.


4. Be Careful When Towel Drying

It’s only natural to pick a towel and start drying your hair immediately after you get out of the shower. This greatly contributes to hair breakage. Instead of rubbing the towel to dry the hair, tie and let it stay on your head for a few minutes to absorb excess water.


5. Brush And Comb Your Hair Properly

Brushing your hair the wrong way can lead to breakage, especially if it’s dry. To avoid this, don’t brush it frequently. The more you brush it, the more hair you lose. Wet hair is more fragile and needs to be brushed with caution. Use a wide-toothed comb and comb it in small sections. Avoid brushes with plastic bristles and use ones with natural bristles.


6. Moisturize It

Your hair needs to stay hydrated all the time if you want to say goodbye to breakage. A daily moisturizer will be effective for this. You can use oils that nourish and moisturize hair strands or seal in moisture. Craft a moisturizing routine and stick to it, and within no time, your hair will start getting stronger.


You can adjust your lifestyle a bit to keep your hair healthy and free from breakage. Adopt a routine and follow it consistently. If the problem persists, it might be time to seek help from a health care expert to examine you for a possible health condition.

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