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Top 10 Pro Tips for Coloring Your Hair

Top 10 Pro Tips for Coloring Your Hair

The average cost to color hair professionally is between $60 to $150. So the high price of professional coloring is the perfect reason for you to do it yourself at home.

However, there’s a chance you might mess up since you’re not a professional hairdresser. All you need is hair color tips to make sure it comes out looking glamorous and stylish.

If you’re coloring your hair at home and need some hair tips, use these ten down below.


1. It’s Essential for You to Know Different Hair Types

Before you dye your hair, you need to find the answer to “What is my hair type?” Your hair type will play a role in how well the dye will take in your hair.

Pro Hair Tips 1:
Those with fine hair may need as little as 5 to 10 minutes less than the box suggests. Those with coarse or dry hair can follow the box’s guidelines.

Fine hair often processes quicker since it is thinner and less dense than other textures. Although you have dark, fine, straight hair, it’s a chance for damage from lightening your hair color, too, as it can be challenging to lift the dark hair color.

If you’re a natural blonde and want to go darker, lucky you shouldn’t have problems. Remember adding hair color is not damaging but lifting color is because you’re whittling down the hair shaft. It’s the opposite when it comes to darkening fine hair, as the hair color coats the hair shaft, resulting in thicker hair.


2. Make Sure You Know How to Color Your Hair All Over

First, make sure you don’t wash your hair for two days before you dye it. You want your natural oils to protect your scalp from any irritation from the product.

Pro Hair Tips 2:
Always re-read the directions and follow them. Next, make sure to do a strand test on a small section of your hair.

Pro Hair Tips 3:
Don’t start at the root of your hair!

The heat from your head makes the color develop faster at the root. Which makes the at-home hair dye look sloppy and unprofessional. So you want to apply the dye about half-inch away from your scalp and work toward your head. Once you’re done, go back and cover your roots with a color brush for precise results.


3. Protect Your Clothes and Skin From the Hair Dye

You don’t want to risk getting color stains on your nice clothes, so it’ll be best if you change into an old T-shirt you no longer care about. You also don’t want to risk getting stains on your skin, as it can take forever to come out and cause irritation. So instead, protect your skin by using vaseline around the edges of your hairline, ears, and back of your neck.


4. Buy Two Boxes of Hair Dye Just in Case

It would suck to start dying your hair and then run out when you’re halfway through with the process. A hair color tip if you have shoulder length or longer hair and thick hair, make sure to buy two boxes to cover your whole head. If you have a box leftover, save it for the next hair color.


5. Don’t Squeeze From the Bottle

You might think your home hair dying experience will be easy and fun from squirting the dye out, but it’s not a great idea. It’s making your hair dye imprecise, messy, and unprofessional. So, be like the salon professionals and grab a brush and bowl to mix the dye to create an even and professional result.


6. Never Mix Shades to Create Your Own

Professionals and major companies advise never to combine multiple different shades of hair color when dying your hair at home. The results of the hair color are unpredictable, and you risk a higher chance of damaging your hair. Instead, choosing a single shade and carefully following the instructions, including the strand test, is your best option.


7. Always Dye Your Hair When It’s Dry

All hair experts advise this hair color tip, and it is even on the packaging directions. You should never dye your hair when it is wet. Soaking hair in water may inhibit dye absorption by the hair strands, resulting in an unpleasant result.


8. Make Sure to Use Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

Of course, you want to make the color lasts as long s you can, but the more times you wet it, the more the color fades. This is because every time you wet your hair with or without shampoo, the dye molecules leach out. Then add the chlorine, salt, and minerals in the water. The hair’s cuticle lifts and accelerates the hair color loss.

You can offer some protection from the water stripping of the hair dye by using sulfate-free shampoo. It helps slow down the color loss and protects the hair from drying out.


9. Never Trust the Model Hair Color on the Box

The smiling woman on the box is beautiful, but her hair color gives you a false fantasy. The model’s hair color is always lighter than the packaging since the developer in at-home permanent dyes is stronger than the professionals. The dye lifts the color and makes it lighter than what you see on the box. If you want the best estimate of your hair color, then look at the chart on top of the box.


10. Know if You Should Go Lighter or Darker

First, make sure you don’t wash your hair for two days before you dye it. You want your natural oils to protect your scalp from any irritation from the product.

Pro Hair Tips 4:
Due to the strong developer, choose a slightly darker color than what you want for permanent dye.

However, when using semipermanent dyes, you wish to achieve on the light side of the color. The semipermanent formulas do not contain a developer, making them darker as they sit in the hair. The best choice is to go lighter from the start.


Now You’re Coloring Your Hair Like a Professional at Home

If you can’t let a professional color your hair, keep these handy tips on hand when you have to do it yourself. You can enjoy coloring your hair correctly with these pro tips and achieve the results you desire.

We hope you enjoy our best tips for coloring your hair.

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