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Some Tips on How to Repair Damaged Hair

Some Tips on How to Repair Damaged Hair

Over styling, exposure to heat, chemical processing, and other habits can strip the hair of its moisture and natural oils, which can result in damaged hair. 

What is hair made of?

Hair consists of two structures.

  • The hair bulb follicle is the living part located under the skin. The human scalp contains approximately 100,000 hair follicles.
  • The hair shaft is the nonliving part above the scalp’s surface. The shaft is composed of the protein keratin, which makes hair strong and flexible.

How to treat damaged hair?

  • Conditioning

  Everyday conditioners contain lubricating and anti-static substances. They also lubricate the hair cuticles and help to keep the hair from absorbing too much water.

  • Deep conditioning

  A person can also use leave-in conditioner treatments. Products vary, but some reports suggest that a person should leave a deep conditioner on their hair for 20–30 minutes. Deep conditioning helps smooth and seal the hair cuticles, allowing them to maintain moisture balance.

  • Heat protection

  Heat and ultraviolet can damage a person’s hair. The sun can damage hair, reducing the protein and bond strength of the hair fiber. This makes hair weak, dry, and brittle. Individuals who spend time in the sun should wear a hat or apply a UV protector product.

  • Oil application

  Applying certain oils may help condition a person’s hair. Oils can help prevent further damage. They can penetrate the hair and help reduce the amount of water the hair absorbs. This can then reduce repeated swelling and drying that causes hair damage.

Tips for healthy hair and scalp

  • Wash hair according to hair type: If a person has oily hair, they may need to wash it daily. If a person has dry hair due to age or chemical treatments, they should wash it less frequently.
  • Use shampoo correctly: People should apply shampoo primarily to the scalp and not the hair.
  • Always use conditioner: People should apply conditioner to the tips of the hair and avoid the scalp.
  • Choose products carefully: A person should choose hair products appropriate for their hair type.
  • Protect hair from chemicals and harsh substances: A person should use a swim cap when swimming to protect the hair from the chemicals such as chlorine.
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