Is the topper real human hair?
Yes, the 3*5 inch topper includes remy human hair and virgin human hair, they can be cut, curled, straightened and dyed. However, it is not suitable to bleach, and you can only dye dark colors from light colors.
What is the difference between remy topper and virgin topper?
Compared to remy topper, the cuticle of virgin tooper is intact, and virgin topper is double drawn, more natural, durable and no tangle and soft.
What is the density of topper?
The density of 3*5 inch remy topper is 150%, it provides more coverage and volume. The density of 3*5 inch virgin topper is 130%.
How long can the topper last?
The 3*5 inch remy topper can probably last 3-6 months with proper use and maintenance, while the 3*5 inch virgin topper can probably last 6-12 months with proper use and maintenance.
What is the difference between 13*13 cm and 3*5 inch?
13*13 cm is equal to 5*5 inch, which is larger than 3*5 inch. 13*13 cm can provide larger coverage and more volume. If you want to cover a more focused area, you can choose 3*5 inch.

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