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Tape in extension

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Full Shine tape in human hair extensions typically consist of one inch wide sections of hair
sewn to strips of tape. They are taped into your hair about an inch away from the scalp, and a backing of the same tape is applied to sandwich your natural hair in between the layers and bond it to the extensions.
Tape in hair extensions do not require any special tools, chemicals, doing less damage to the hair than other types of extensions. They can be applied in less than an hour, so you can drastically cut down the
time it takes to get your perfect hair. Once applied, tape in hair
extensions blend naturally with your existing hair for a seamless look.

Fullshine Tape in Hair Extensions have Remy Hair and Virgin Hair:

Remy hair usually lasts 3-6 months

Virgin hair usually lasts 6-12 months

The most popular tape in hair
extensions for length at Full Shine is 20 inches. These are ideal for
average-height customers who want a natural look that still gets some attention.

24 inch Tape in Hair Extensions

Taller customers may prefer to go longer still. For you, we have 24 inch tape in extensions. Reaching to the waist when straight, you can also curl and style the extensions without losing much length.


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